Interchange – Fall 2006

Dear Friends,

We wanted to check in and thank those courageous and loving Friends who have expressed interest in the Intervisitation Program of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. There continue to be opportunities for visiting.

Friends United Meeting has ten other Yearly Meetings in the US and Canada. We hope to have Friends from our Yearly Meeting visit them all. (When it is available, a schedule of Yearly Meetings will be sent out and posted to our website.) Would you be interested in being a visitor? As with all visits within the Religious Society of Friends, we strongly recommend that Friends led to travel have someone accompany them, so both primary visitors and support persons are needed. Also, Young Friends are encouraged to visit.

Funds are available to offset some (or, in some cases, all) of the expenses of visiting a Yearly Meeting. Please think about whether you would like to be a visitor with this program, talk with those helping you with clearness in your monthly meeting, and then be in touch with us.

The Committee is ready to help support those with such a leading, especially in helping clarify information about FUM and Friends generally, and by providing training for visitors. Please call on us if you have ideas and urgings in some area of visiting among FUM Friends. Our website has a variety of information on our web page.

Ad Hoc Committee on Intervisitation
Submitted by Georgia Fuller and Walter Brown, co-clerks

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