Interchange – Spring 2010

Exciting intervisitation plans within Friends United Meeting are in motion for the next six months, beginning in April, 2010. Twelve BYM traveling ministers and their companions will visit six other yearly meetings within FUM-North America and the United Society of Friends Women International Triennial in Mombasa, Kenya. Maria and Tim Bradley (Sandy Spring) and Jean James (Richmond) have already returned from Southeastern YM, which met over the Easter weekend. Other visits are listed below. Please hold these Friends and the meetings they will visit in the Light.

  • June 3-5: Maria Bradley (Sandy Spring) and Linda Coates (Little Britain) will return to Great Plains YM.
  • July 1-15: Sharon Knox (Homewood), Mel Snyder & Babs Williams (Langley Hill), Jolee Robinson (Adelphi), Joan Liversidge (Sandy Spring), J.E. McNeil (Washington), and Rosemary Davis (Patapsco), in the company of FUM Board members Mary Lord and Rich Liversidge, will travel to the United Society of Friends Women International Triennial. J.E., Mary, and Rich with also attend the FUM-General Board meeting. Several members of this delegation will participate in work projects or teach at Friends Theological College, Kaimosi, Kenya with BYM member and FTC principal, AnnRiggs.
  • July 22-25: Jolee Robinson (Adelphi) and Meg Meyer (companion) will travel to Wilmington YM.
  • July 30-Aug.2: Ken Stockbridge (Patapsco) and Martha Gay (companion) will travel to Western YM.
  • Aug.13-21: Jean James (Richmond) will return to Canadian YM.
  • Sept.3-6: Ken Stockbridge (Patapsco) and Erik Hanson (Takoma Park) will return to North Carolina YM.

Our committee plans for BYM Annual Session are also in high gear. The committee is sponsoring four workshops. You will have other chances to meet our guests at our regular lunch tables and evening sharing and worship gatherings. As of April 5, we have six guests signed up, the most we have ever had this early in the year.

New York YM is sending us two Young Friends, who will spend most of their time getting to know our Young Friends. Kevin Mortimer, a new guest from Iowa YM-FUM will lead a workshop on Friday and will co-lead one on Saturday with Georgia Fuller. Sylvia Graves, FUM General Secretary, will lead the morning Bible Study as well as participate in our workshop about North America YM on Thursday and the one about our Africa visit on Friday. Minga Claggat-Borne is returning from New England YM and will participate in the Thursday and Friday workshops. Henry Apencha, on sabbatical as Superintendent of Nairobi YM to study in Baltimore, will also join us for the Friday workshop and most of the week. Joyce Ajlouny, Director of Ramallah Friends School, is putting motherhood first this August. She will be settling her son in college in the U.S. and will only join us if her schedule permits.

Two documents from our Training Workshop are available by email from One is “Touchstones for Clearness and Support Committees” and the other is “Handouts and Related Readings.”

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